SAWA is beautiful way of knowing Colombia. We are an Ecotourism Agency responsible with our natural resources and with the worldview of our indigenous communities, afros and peasants. We are a group of people that can take you to the most special places of this country wilderness. Our focus is the co-relation traveler-nature, where we try to find ethical interactions that lead to sustainability, environment protection, respect for the cultural heritage and improvement of quality of life of people that live in the territories we visit. We want to share and preserve the beauty of Colombia’s geography. We believe that responsible ecoturism is our best contribution to protecting our planet.


SAWA’s founder, director and main guide is Mateo Isaza. Mateo has a bachelor degree in biology, and is also a professional guide, mountain climber, photographer and an adventure and nature lover. His passion is traveling and it has given him the needed knowledge to design, with detail, each one of the tours we offer in SAWA. Besides of being the director and founder, Mateo is also an active guide, and in many of our travels he is present organising, guiding and sharing his knowledge. SAWA’s goal is to provide services of the best quality that have a positive impact in the life of each person that walks by our hand.

SAWA aims to collective constructions, which is why we work with a multidisciplinary team, where each professional adds his/her best knowledge to the design and execution of every experience we offer. Our group is grounded on respect of differences, for the environment and for each community we visit. It is due to this principles we work with indigenous and afro descent guides, supporting the local economy and encouraging the communities to have a new and different goal for life, one that leads to less impact on ecosystems. As well as local guides, in our team we also have qualified guides with international certifications in first aid in remote locations, which make each of our tours safer.