All year round

December to February.

14 + 2 DAYS

Level/ HIGH



Push your limits and live the thrilling experience of reaching the summit of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas.

Mount Aconcagua is the highest mountain in America and also the tallest peak outside of the Himalayas. Located in the Andes Mountain Range in Argentina, its elevation reaches 6,962 meters above sea level and represents the American
continent in the Seven Summits challenge, serving as a symbol of challenge and adventure for mountaineers and nature
enthusiasts from around the world.

Our expedition offers you the opportunity to join a group of mountaineers who, with the support of expert guides and top-notch equipment, will take on this epic challenge to make a milestone in their lives and create memories that will last forever.



+The route we will ascend on Aconcagua is non-technical and does not require advanced climbing skills. However, it's essential to consider that Aconcagua is a mountain of extreme altitude and cold. Therefore, we recommend that those embarking on this expedition are in good health and excellent physical condition. Ideally, we suggest that they have previously climbed other mountains at altitudes over 4,000 to 5,000 meters.

The following list is necessary for the expedition. If you do not have all the items, you can rent them in Mendoza.
Double boots
Trekking boots
Rest shoes or sneakers
Three pairs of thick socks and three pairs of thin socks
Trekking pants (2 units)
1st layer inner pants (2 units)
2nd layer thermal down or synthetic pants (1 unit)
3rd layer waterproof pants (1 unit).
1st layer quick-drying T-shirt (2-4 units)
2nd layer fleece or thin jacket (1-2 fleeces and 1 thin to
medium jacket)
3rd layer thick down jacket, also called a parka (1 unit)
Sunglasses with UV filter (1 unit)
Goggles (1 unit)
Hat or balaclava (2 units)
Buffs or multifunctional neck gaiters (1-2 units)
Helmet (1 unit)
Headlamp (1-2 units with spare batteries)
1st layer thin gloves (1-2 units)
2nd layer medium to thick gloves (1-2 units)
3rd layer mittens (1 unit)
Snacks (Electrolytes, protein bars, energy gels)
Trekking poles
Sleeping pad
Sleeping bag (- 30 °C)
Backpack (40-60 liters)
Duffel bag (1-2 units)
Nalgene-style thermos (1-2 units, 500 ml or 1 liter)
Insulated water bottle
Lip balm
Hygiene kit
Personal first aid kit
Small towel
Hand warmers (chemical hand warmers)
Power ban


In the city of Mendoza, you will find a variety of equipment available for rent. Nevertheless, we recommend bringing your own personal items that best suit your needs and only renting the essentials. We will be available to provide guidance on acquiring the right gear, whether through rental or purchase.

4.900 USD


+ Experienced Guide Mateo Isaza (22 years of mountain experience, recently reaching the summit of Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen, guides, or porters).
+ Meals (breakfast + lunch or trail lunch + dinner) from day 1 breakfast to day 12 lunch. It also covers food for days 13 and 14 in the mountains in case these extra days are needed.
+ Base camp services: weather forecast, dining dome tent, drinking water, electricity, bathrooms, and camping.
+ Domes with bunk beds at the Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas base camp and shared tents at the high-altitude camps.
+ Two nights (days 0 and 12) in a hotel in Mendoza.
+ Private transportation from Mendoza to Horcones and from Horcones to Mendoza.
+ Private airport transfers.
+ Mules for equipment transport (limit of 30 kg per person) from Horcones to Plaza de Mulas base camp, round trip.
+ Portage of tents and food at the high-altitude camps. (Each person will be responsible for carrying personal items such as clothing, sleeping bag, and insulation mat. Guides or porters will handle food, tents, and kitchen logistics.)
+ Medical oxygen for emergencies and 24/7 radio communications at base camps.
+ Souvenirs (T-shirt, cap, buff, and duffel bag).
+ Assistance in obtaining entry permits at the park headquarters.
+ Reforestation of trees in the Colombian Amazon and a certificate for carbon offsetting produced during the expedition.
+ Please note that this is a comprehensive package that covers a wide range of services and amenities to ensure a successful and comfortable expedition.


+ Aconcagua Park entry permit: $650 USD for Latin Americans, $900 USD for other foreigners.
+ Personal equipment.
+ Medical insurance.
+ Rescue insurance.
+ Snacks.
+ Meals in Mendoza.

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